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Did you know?

  • COVID-19 is an enveloped virus 🦠 and can survive four days on hard surfaces and up-to 10-12 days in warm areas such as air-conditioning. 
  • General cleaning or household, anti-bacterial and commercial cleaning chemicals will not removeCOVID-19 / Coronavirus. 
  • Bleach should not be sprayed, can damaged skin, discolour floors, erode metal and can react (combustable) with other cleaning agents.
  • Effective Cleaning must be performed to remove dirt and grease to expose the Coronavirus and enable the disinfectant to remove or neutralise the pathogen / virus. 

What ?

  • Integrity Virus Controlis a daily disinfectant service designed to help fight against and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  
  • This specialist virus cleaning service dramatically improves the health and safety on site, helping keep business and public places open, reassuring customers and staff that they are entering a safe zone.  

How ?

  • Daily visit by a cleaning technician (typically 1hr – more for large sites) ✔️
  • Using a medical grade disinfectant ✔️
  • Wearing a backpack spray unit ✔️
  • Flat mop ✔️
  • Targeting high footfall general areas. ✔️
  • Wipe down. Targeting, sanitising and disinfecting regular touch areas such as: thumb entry point, switches, door handles, telephones, door edges, table edges, elevator buttons, areas of chairs, taps, cleaning equipment handles, reception desk etc.  ✔️
  • Disposable PPE, mops heads and cloths used are disposed of after every visit ✔️
  • Digital live reporting and live monitoring, checklists and geo-fencing, using a smart phone app. ✔️
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